Apple Watch 3 latest rumours: release date, UK price and features

The Apple Watch Series 2 was reported at Apple’s occasion on 7 September 2016, where the new watch brought new elements like GPS, a double center processor, water-resistance and a brighter show. The Watch Series 2 is a sound stride forward and we’re truly partial to it.

In any case, there are a few components despite everything we would have gotten a kick out of the chance to see, a hefty portion of which we are trusting will show up in the following rendition of the Apple Watch – and we might be in fortunes as there are various Apple licenses that propose Apple is investigating enhancing these parts of the Watch. In this article we talk about what we might want to find in the Apple Watch Series 3, close by any bits of gossip about the new components and innovations that will be offered by the following Apple Watch.

When is the Apple Watch 3 release date?

We expect the Apple Watch Series 3 to come out in September 2017, a year after the Series 2. However, there was more than a year between the original Apple Watch, which launched in April 2015, and the second version of the Apple Watch, so it is possible that we could be waiting until 2018 for the launch of the next Apple Watch.

It may not matter if a new Watch isn’t launched until 2018 as we don’t suppose that people update their Watches as often as yearly. That said, anyone looking to purchase a new smartwatch will want the best technology on offer, and if the Apple Watch can’t compete with other offerings it may lose out on customers.

And there are a number of new technologies appearing in competitor watches that we think will could make the Apple Watch 2 pale in comparison. So we hope that Apple will update its watch in September.

A report in China’s Economic Daily News predicts a third quarter release for the next hardware iteration of the Apple Watch.

As does a report in Taiwan’s DigiTimes, which claims that Apple is moving away from a touch-on-lens display to a glass-film touch system. This won’t make any appreciable difference to the user, but the interesting element is the report that the touch panels will begin shipping in the second half of 2017 – just in time for a September release. This is the first solid rumour yet about the Apple Watch 3 supply chain kicking into action. You can read more about the new screen technologies in the Apple Watch 3 below.

However, there is also a rumour that Apple could release a Series 2 ‘S’ in March 2017, with the new S version adding extra storage options to the current Apple Watch Series 2 line-up, which although it has 8GB of storage most of that is given to the operating system, leaving just 2GB for photos and 75MB for music. With Apple’s focus on music and images we think it’s a logical step for them to offer more storage for this. We’d also like to see storage for apps – more on this below.

What amount of will the Apple Watch 3 taken a toll in the UK?

We expect the Watch Series 3 to begin from £369 for the 38mm and £399 for the 42mm. These are the present costs of the Series 2 watches.

In any case, Apple regularly drops the cost of the past era of its items, diminishing the cost of passage, so we would likewise expect a value drop of the Series 2 line by around £100 in September 2017, where the Series 1 watches would be then stopped.

There is likewise the likelihood that there will be the choice of a considerably more costly Apple Watch with cell/portable abilities. We can see Apple presenting this innovation at the highest point of the line with a cost to coordinate. See beneath for more data around an Apple Watch with cell abilities.

Apple Watch 3 design rumours

Will the Apple Watch 3 have a round face?

While we expect the Watch 3 to look and feel like the current Series 2 watches, there could be some changes to the materials used, to the size and shape of the screen, and to the straps.

The idea that Apple would change its philosophy and offer a round faced version of the Apple Watch seems rather too outlandish to us, and we would never have considered it possible had we not seen the following drawing in a patent:

That patent is actually related to a strap design technology, which we will discuss below. But it is definately a good reason to evaluate whether Apple would ever sell a watch with a circular face. One thing is apparent, the company has thought about such things, but we believe that Apple has at some point since that patent was designed, decided that rectangle is the way to go with the Apple Watch face.

Alternatively it could be round because Apple uses generic images for its patent designs to ensure a broad scope, and this doesn’t necessarily mean the company is considering a round design.

However, there is a fierce debate over whether Apple is right to stick to rectanguar faces. There are many Android Wear smartwatches that have round faces now making us wonder if people really do prefer circles.

Smartwatches like the Huawei Watch, Moto 360 and LG G Watch R look like traditional watches with completely digital, circular displays and are extremely popular.

There are UI issues with a circular display, namely getting the text to fit on screen properly. Ironically, this is an issue that Huawei showcases on its Huawei Watch page. We think this is more due to Android Wear being used by a variety of smartwatches, all with different sized and shaped displays. If Apple were to create a circular display, we think the UI would reflect the decision because it would be designed specifically for that hardware.

What shaped smartwatch do you prefer? Round or square?

Will Apple transport a platinum watch?

Before we move onto that watch strap patent, there’s another outline change that could go to the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch 2 included another rendition with an artistic packaging, the following Apple Watch could offer a platinum packaging (obviously in the past Apple has explored different avenues regarding platinum). Nonetheless, we imagine that is unlikley given that Apple has ended the 18-karat gold “extravagance” rendition of the Apple Watch.


Shockingly better waterproofing

The new Series 2 is IPX7 affirmed and can be gone up against swims. Be that as it may, notwithstanding its water-safe claims (and not waterproof), we are exceptionally very much aware of Apple’s ebb and flow guarantee terms and conditions for water harm are disillusioning. Whereby, if the Apple Watch is utilized with foamy water, (for example, when you’re in the shower), you would adequately be voiding its guarantee.

We might want to see a more prominent accentuation on water-resistance or full waterproofing alternatives with the new Watch 3. Be this an adjustment in the plan or a refresh to Apple’s terms and conditions. Additionally observe: Best Apple Watch diversions

Measured straps

Apple may consider another multi-work band which could see it move a portion of the innovation from inside the watch to the strap. This new strap configuration could enhance the Apple Watch battery life as it could consolidate a greater battery inside the strap, as opposed to the watch itself. A patent, initially documented in 2015, flaunts the outline for a battery band that incorporates its own particular battery to keep the gadget running for more.

The band would be charged inductively utilizing an indistinguishable charger from the Watch itself. Notwithstanding a battery the band could likewise house different parts in a particular outline, with each connection playing out a different capacity. Clients would have the capacity to swap modules out contingent upon their prerequisites.

The patent expresses the accompanying: “In at least one exemplifications, a technique for using practical segments of band framework for a wearable gadget may include: getting identifiers at a wearable gadget from numerous particular utilitarian band joins associated with the wearable gadget, deciding usefulness accessible by means of the various secluded useful band joins using the got identifiers, and speaking with one of the different measured useful band connections to use the decided usefulness.”

The patent uses expansive wording and persuades that the connections can give anything from additional battery energy to a camera (which is likewise authored as an element for the third-gen Watch), however we think Tim Cook has effectively declared the reason for the strap.

In 2015, Cook said that while Apple had an unmistakable fascination in wellbeing centered items, it ruled against adding sensors to the Watch to maintain a strategic distance from FDA endorsement as it “would keep [Apple] away from enhancing excessively, the cycles are too long”, in spite of the fact that Cook indicated at an extra or application that could sit close by it. “In any case, you can start to imagine different things that may be adjoining it – perhaps an application, possibly something else.” he prodded.

So maybe an Apple Watch without bounds could move a few parts into the strap arranging for the watch confront for different innovations.

There are different licenses identifying with the wrist band: first seen by AppleInsider in 2016, Apple has documented a patent for a Magnetic Wristband. The patent subtle elements a wristband for the Apple Watch that would highlight an arrangement of magnets implanted into it, enabling the two sides to combine. For customers, this implies when worn, the magnets would hold the Apple Watch set up (much like Apple’s Milanese Loop) – yet it’s the point at which the watch is removed that the new band makes its mark.


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